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Congratulate a vegan for their first milestone. Congratulations!







Persuade someone to go vegan!

Stylish announcement for going vegan!

Vegans are rad!

Have you recently been veganized? Celebrate it!

Married or marrying a Vegan? Celebrate it!

Perfect gift for the radical vegan in your life!

Vegan Blues? We can cheer you up!

Celebrate the vegan family!

For the vegan yogi!

Celebrating oneness

Minding my Mind

Pink ring of roses

For the tulip lover!

For daffodil lovers spring never dies!

…And readers, too!


T-shirt: Celebrate and support a milestone!

T-shirt: Are you a vegan yogi?

T-shirt: Mind sinks, meditation wins!

T-shirt: Oneness

Hoodie: Vegans are rad!

Hoodie: Meditate, manifest.

Hoodie: Unlimited possibilities

Hoodie: Celebrate oneness!